What ability level do you have to be to participate on a tour?

To participate on a backcoutry tour you need to be at least a level 5 or above in the ability chart below.

Ski and snowboard levels

  Ski Snowboard

First time skiing First time snowboarding
2 Stopping in a wedge

Turning in a wedge

Controlling speed and stopping

Going left and right on one edge at a time


Linking wedge turns confidently

Riding a chair

Doing C turns

Riding a chairlift



Making skiis parallel at end of turn

Keeping skiis parallel for at least half the turn

Doing S turns

Making turns of various shapes and sizes on green runs



Keeping skiis parallel always on green runs

Being confident on red runs with your skis parallel

Making S turns on easy red runs

Carving on green and blue runs

Easy freestyle (eg 180’s, grabs, boxes)



Making carved turns on red runs

Doing short turns

Skiing black runs, moguls and off-piste

Carving on red or black runs

Snowboarding on moguls or off-piste

Advanced freestyle

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