Japan Snow Adventures (JSA) is a sub-brand of Canyons Ltd., Japans’ biggest outdoor adventure company. JSA was setup to provide for the increasing needs for professional winter guiding to international guests to Japan.

Over the past 10 years there has been a huge increase in the demand for JAPOW (Japan Powder). Powder hunters are seeking more unique destinations in search of the ultimate JAPOW experience. JSA provides a combination of professional certified guides and in depth local knowledge.  We have been guiding in Japan for over 20 years and sharing our knowledge of Japans’ winter secrets is our passion.

All of our tours have 3 priorities:

  1. Safety
    In the BC nothing is 100% safe, but by using the best equipment, guides and systems we maximize safety so you can return to ride another day!
  2. Fun
    One of the main reasons we love the BC is for the feeling of bliss of flying down through deep powder at mach 5. Every trip we customize to each groups level for the conditions for maximum enjoyment!
  3. Learning
    We pass on our knowledge of the BC and local culture to enrich the experience and create respect for our environment.